About me

About me

Mehran Khalili; British-Iranian, raised in Luxembourg and currently based in Greece.

My main job is as a political consultant, but for nearly two decades I’ve had a passion for photography, specifically in black and white. My images have featured in exhibitions in Greece, Brussels and Geneva, as well as in LensCultureVice magazine and Gente Di Fotografia, among other outlets.

You can find three photo projects on this site. As of 2024, I’m developing a fourth. I’m also building up enough images for a book.

If you’d like to follow my photography work, sign up here for occasional emails with new images and photographic experiments. If you’re interested in prints – or just want to say hi – email me.


Photography exhibitions and publications


  • South Space Gallery - Group expo (Chania, Greece, February 2020)
  • KAM - Group expo (Chania, Greece, May 2017)
  • Sous-Sol - Group expo (Athens, Greece, September 2013)
  • Canon Photography Expo - Group expo (Lisbon, Portugal, Jun 2011)
  • Tafkaj Gallery - Solo expo with Alexia Lavanchy (Geneva, Switzerland, Jan 2011)
  • King and Queens Gallery - Solo expo (Brussels, Belgium, Dec 2010)
  • Stadsbiografie City Biography - Group expo (Antwerp, Belgium, May 2010)
  • Social Platform - Solo expo (Brussels, Belgium, Feb-Jun 2010)
  • Photocontraste - Group expo (Brussels, Belgium, Feb 2010)


Art publications: Genti Di Fotografia, Italy, “Down But Not Out”: Photo-essay on the youth of crisis-hit Greece for Yo! Magazine

Political publications: Red Pepper, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation journal, ENGAGE magazine (Brussels), Australian Socialist magazine, Journal of Center for Economic and Social Rights, Australian Council of Trade Unions

Online: Vice (x2), LensCulture (x2), Fraction MagazineDodhoLiving PostcardsHitAndRunEdge of Humanity, Eric Kim

Stock photo databases: Getty Images archive

City and travel guides: De Vijfhoek magazine (Brussels), Blue Crete, Bahar magazine (Athens), Schmap travel guides, Brussels Official Calendar

Header photo by Nikos Kokkas.